Boomers lead travel boom

AUSTRALIA'S baby boomers are travelling on short-term overseas and domestic trips more than any other age group.

''The boomers have arrived,'' says Kaye Fallick, the publisher of seniors website YourLifeChoices. ''Many of them are reaching their 60s and transitioning into retirement. They no longer have the 9am-5pm burden … and they realise that they can't wait forever to do their bucket list.''

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show the key age group for short-term trips has shifted from 45-49 in 2002 to 50-54 in 2012.

A survey also reveals that most travel to Britain, New Zealand, the US, France and Italy. In Australia, their favourite place is Queensland.

''A lot of people in the boomer bracket went to the UK … as a rite of passage,'' Ms Fallick says. ''They did the 'disco tour' of Europe … but now they are going back to do it in comfort.''