Dublin Airport police rescue baby hare from snow in viral video

As snow storms shut most of Ireland on Friday and forced Britain to call in the army to battle some of the worst weather seen in nearly 30 years, Dublin's Airport Police sprung into action to save a cute victim of the storm.

A baby hare was spotted shivering the cold and rescued by airport officers, saving the animal's life. Dublin Airport posted a video of the rescue on Twitter.

A blast of Siberian weather dubbed "the beast from the east" has battered southern Britain and Ireland and blocked roads, grounded planes and stopped trains.

Storm Emma has seen at least 24,000 homes and businesses in Ireland were left without power, the stock exchange was shut, all schools were closed and transport ground to a halt with all flights cancelled from Dublin airport.

The baby hare has, appropriately, been named Emma and is recovering in the home of the officer who found her. 

The video of Emma's rescue has gone viral across Twitter, with close to 10,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. 

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