Brown bears

Abuzz in the forest

Michael Gebicki discovers the bears are great in Finland but the mozzies are not.

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SHD TRAVEL September 1st, Cover Story, Christmas. Santa Claus Village, Lapland, rovaniemi .   Santa Claus, pictured riding in his sleigh pulled by a reindeer in northern Finland, may be a great man of tradition.  But these days even the symbol of Christmas for millions of children around the world is taking some unusual steps to keep up with the fast pace of modern life.  To help him with what has become a year-round job, Santa has hooked up to cyberspace so fans who can't travel to the Arctic Circle can still see and talk to him live online and watch him receive guests in his office.   (FINLAND OUT, NO ARCHIVES)    REUTERS/Martti Kainulainen-Lehtikuva      PICTURE TO ACCOMPANY FEATURE STORY PEOPLE-SANTACLAUS

Ready set, snow

There's no shortage of magical Christmas adventures around the world, writes Julietta Jameson.

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Cambodia child

Book wisely to share the wealth

Tourism in poor countries does not always bring benefits to local communities. Here's how to make sure your money stays where it is needed.

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