First snowfall of the year at Thredbo

Snow falling in Thredbo on April 30.
Snow falling in Thredbo on April 30. Photo: Rachel Davies – Thredbo Resort

The first snowflakes of the year have fallen on the skiing fields of Thredbo with further snow expected in the coming days.

Thredbo communications manager Susie Diver said the mountain resort came to life with the first report of snow about 10.30am on Wednesday.

“The lift manager standing at the top of Snowgums Chairlift called me to say ‘big fat snowflakes' are falling,” she said.

Winter is almost here: Snow falling at the Thredbo on April 30.
Winter is almost here: Snow falling at the Thredbo on April 30. Photo: Rachel Davies – Thredbo Resort

“Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of black cockatoos on the mountain which usually indicates a change in the weather – and hopefully it’s a change that brings plenty of snow!”

Weatherzone meteorologist Max Gonzales said temperatures dropped below freezing at Thredbo about 5am on Wednesday, and snowfall was likely to continue throughout the morning.

“We’ve seen 23mm of precipitation at the mountain since Tuesday afternoon and some of this formed into snowflakes on Wednesday morning,” he said.  

Ms Diver said she expected the snow to ease today however more was expected later in the week, especially on Saturday which is tipped to be the coldest day of the year so far, with a top of minus one degree forecast for Thredbo.

“The snow has arrived just in time for our Jazz Festival which kicks off on Friday,” she said. “So the hills will be alive with the sound of music – and covered in snow.”

Mr Gonzales said the snow would ease on Wednesday, although a new cold front would move over the mountain on Friday bringing even colder temperatures and snow developing from the late afternoon.

“Temperatures will drop to minus two degrees on Friday morning and struggle to pass freezing temperatures on Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

Ms Diver said they’ll begin making snow from the middle of May in the hopes of having skiing and snowboarding runs open to the public from the Queen’s Birthday weekend on June 5.

She said the first snowfall was a time of excitement and celebration on the mountain and a special moment to share with colleagues.