Flights with a view: Qantas bridges gap with new ally

For 10 minutes on Sunday morning, two colossuses of the sky will fly tight and low over the Harbour Bridge.

Emirates and Qantas are holding the flyover at about 10.30am to mark their new commercial partnership. It will be the first time two A380 jets - the world's largest passenger aircraft - have flown in formation.

Cruising at 1500 feet, the height at which passenger jets drop their wheels before landing, the planes will fly across the Harbour Bridge and turn around and pass it again.

"The crews we've gathered from both sides have an ex-military [background]," Qantas first officer Jim Eaglen says.

The crew have flown the route dozens of times in flight simulators over the past months.

The Australian carrier will now route its flights to London through Dubai and begin operating flights with Emirates.