Frequent flyer: Peter O'Brien


The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok is a regular stopover for me when travelling to Europe. It breaks up the long-haul flight and is a tranquil oasis in the very hectic Asia. You honestly wouldn't know it was there but once inside, the grounds are huge and the pool is fantastic. Rooms are luxurious and it has great food. They also do an airport shuttle. I just spend all day in the pool and really stretch out and relax. There is a spa that does massage and it's very close to Bangkok central so if I am up for it I can go and shop and eat out. See


I am a Qantas Platinum member and have always flown with Qantas. However, since they have dropped off a couple of routes, I have to fly alternative airlines sometimes.  I try to treat long-haul flying like it's a day on the couch. Phone is off, TV's on and I have my book I have been trying to finish. The advantage is someone brings you food and wine; the disadvantage is turbulence and a small couch.


I am split on this one. I love Qualia on Hamilton Island and I love Lizard Island. Both are sensational. I have had the most amazing time at both and both are very special to me for different personal reasons. See;


I had some Samsonite luggage, which I loved but it was stolen. So now I have an eclectic mix of old canvas sports bags. They can carry a lot but are not the easiest to move around. However, I have an old Delsey carry-on bag and a Briggs and Riley travel bag. Anything that wheels and can carry a lot is always good. I look at those people at carousels that have the complete range of a certain brand of luggage and I am envious. They look so organised all lined up by height and size. It looks like they are travelling with an extended family. I call them "The von Trapps". One day Maria will sort me out.


I always have my Canon 5D with me. Family Photos. A selection of pens and a sketchpad for drawing and writing. I have enough for an exhibition.


Definitely more and more of South America. The Trans-Siberian Railway and a stint at a base camp in Antarctica ... not necessarily in that order.

Peter O'Brien co-stars with Rebecca Gibney in Winter on Channel 7.