Hayman Island reopens after cyclone devastation

After five months of rebuilding from the devastation of two cyclones, Hayman Island has reopened for business.

The renovation has touched almost every aspect of the Great Barrier Reef resort, starting with a 16-hectare garden landscape created by horticulturalist and TV star Jamie Durie.

The centrepiece is a new botanical garden featuring 33,000 new plants and 327 new species.

The island's managing director, Lloyd Donaldson, says the landscaping alone has cost around $4 million.

"All of the buildings have been repainted, the new beach villas have been completed, all of the sandstone has been rejuvenated, we've upgraded all our lagoon rooms, our penthouse and the majority of our guest rooms have been refurbished, and pretty much every item on the island has been touched.

"It's as close to a complete renovation as possible."

Mr Donaldson said it's by far the most extensive work undertaken since Sir Peter Abeles redeveloped the island in 1986, when it was closed for two years.

"We believe Hayman is very well positioned for the domestic market given the current economic circumstances. Clearly the international market has been declining, but we see that at some point turning around."