Holed up in hotel bar, honeymooners wait out Sandy

If newlyweds Simon and Simone Pollard can weather this storm, then the rest of their marriage will surely be sunny.

The Thornbury couple were holed up in their hotel in New York City's lower east side at 4.30pm local time (7.30am AEST) today, watching rolling television coverage of Hurricane Sandy that was due to hit the city in a matter of hours.

We're OK. I think the flooding is going to be serious. But I guess we don't know what we don't know.

And when the city that never sleeps does in fact have a nap - with flights grounded, the subway shut down and bridges off the island due to be closed - there's no better place to be than in the hotel bar.

"They've had champagne on all afternoon for guests. There are probably about 20 people in here at the moment," Mr Pollard said.

"The manager is handing out light sticks, they've got their own generator and they've got enough food to last for tonight. I think the storm's still about three hours away.

"We're OK. I think the flooding is going to be serious. But I guess we don't know what we don't know."

The Pollards arrived in New York on Friday, after first travelling to the Napa Valley and Las Vegas for their honeymoon.

They are due to fly out to the United Kingdom on Wednesday night to celebrate their recent nuptials with family who were unable to travel to Melbourne for the ceremony.

Mr Pollard said it was certainly a honeymoon with a difference.

When he and his wife went out to dinner last night, restaurant staff were busy piling wine and produce onto tables in case the building was flooded.

"I went out for a walk earlier. The winds are up to about 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) now," Mr Pollard said.

"There are still people walking around Manhattan, but they're about to shut the bridges, which is pretty significant.

"Yesterday was a pretty normal day, we were walking around exploring the city and then obviously last night I turned on the TV and it got a little bit more serious.

"This morning we went out to get some breakfast and it was very hard to find somewhere open. Most places are shut and they have been taping down. We're not in the evacuation zone but there are a lot of people who live in basement apartments, and also a lot of the hotels and bars have cellars below the ground level in Manhattan."

With nothing left to do but wait, the Pollards joined others watching television coverage of the advancing storm.

"The honeymoon is certainly a bit different. We've actually been pretty busy touring around different places, so in some ways it's kind of nice to be forced inside to do nothing for a day," he said.