Keep a lid on duty-free drinks

I recently flew V Australia economy class from Sydney to Los Angeles. The carrier provides one alcoholic drink as part of the fare, after which you can purchase drinks. I bought a bottle of wine from Sydney Airport (after passing through immigration), which of course I was able to take onto the plane. Am I allowed to open and drink my wine on the plane? I see many people bringing food and non-alcoholic drinks on board and consuming them.

- P. Pychtin, Chatswood.

Most definitely not. There is no way any airline is going down the BYO route. Not only would it deprive your carrier of the revenue it might extract from you for purchasing extra drinks, the thought of passengers cracking open their Jack Daniels and having a merry old time is not conducive to sobriety or safety.

Imagine the chaos that might ensue on board if the privilege of alcohol self-regulation was extended to a party of twentysomething bachelors going to a bucks' party in Bangkok or a homeward-bound rugby team following a grand-final victory?

As an adjunct to the safety briefing, cabin crew on some airlines make an announcement to the effect that passengers may not consume any alcohol they might have purchased, but you can safely assume that all airlines regard the practice as verboten. Ditto for any duty-free alcohol you purchase on board.

Disobey and you might be asked to exit the aircraft immediately.