Michael Gebicki

Sydney-based writer and photographer, Michael Gebicki has been writing travel articles since 1982 and is Traveller's resident Tripologist.

Countries with fewer airlines tend to be the most expensive to fly per kilometre.

What plane are you flying on? Here's how to find out

What was the last aircraft you flew aboard? You could have reached for the safety card and found out, but what if you saw the aircraft from the outside, would you know?

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Your favourite scene may have been cut for an airline's inflight entertainment service.

What airlines won't show on your inflight entertainment screen

Ever wonder why The Wolf of Wall Street never made it onto your list of inflight entertainment selections? Could be those 500-plus times the F-word was used in the movie. Or Reservoir Dogs? Maybe that scene where Mr Blonde redesigns the ear of LA police officer Marvin Nash.

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