Traveller letters: Pilot's sexist comments humiliate cabin crew


The welcoming aboard remarks by the captain on Virgin Australia Flight VA932 between Brisbane and Sydney on January 31, described the flight attendants as "foxy and loveable", not once but twice. During the flight, the crew manager listened to my complaint about the demeaning sexist language used by the fight captain and himself.

I'd like to think the air crew respect each other as responsible professionals and that as a passenger, I am not exposed to the humiliation of the air crew by somebody in authority.

Andrew Cathcart, Samford Valley, QLD



An article by Nina Karnikowski last October (Traveller, October 15, 2016) recommended Vineet Sharma who runs Jaipur Walks and since we were heading to India in December, I saved the article and contacted Vineet. His three-hour walking tour was without exception the favourite experience of the holiday for my entire family of five.

Vineet was charming, good humoured and knowledgeable. Although he has set tours, he was willing to customise for us. We spent a wonderful three hours visiting artisans, bazaars, fabulous architecture and street food stalls in the old city, enjoying meeting and talking to the locals without ever being asked to buy anything/taken to a showroom or retail outlet.

The cost was around $AU15 each. Vineet does not have a website as he likes to maintain his business within what can be managed by he and his wife.

Linda Armstrong, Pennant Hills, NSW


I quite agree with David Morgan (Traveller letters, February 11). Before accepting a booking in business class, Qantas should ask for your CV (to determine if you went to a suitable school) and a reference from your tailor. Otherwise it is the end of civilisation as we know it.

Dave Torr, Werribee, VIC


David Morgan, when I travel I like to travel in comfort, if it means ripped jeans, T-shirt and thongs so be it. If I have membership to the lounge, and am well covered clothes-wise, what's the problem, it's not a fashion show.

I'm more offended by those who reek of body odour and those who think their conversation is so interesting everyone in the lounge needs to hear what they have to say as they talk in full volume.

Debbie Wain, Boronia, VIC

Some people travel business class for leisure and that means wearing holiday-type clothing. Recently my husband was stopped accessing the Qantas lounge in Sydney after coming off a Santiago-Sydney flight seated in business class which he had paid for himself.

He was wearing leather thongs as he was in holiday mode. After my request to see the supervisor, he was admitted to the lounge. The supervisor advised as he was wearing " leather " thongs they were OK. This was quite an unpleasant experience after a two-day delay from a cancelled flight by Qantas. On entering the lounge we noticed all types of dress codes including hi-vis mining uniforms and work boots.

Is there really a need to judge others by what they wear? Or should Qantas introduce a leisure section for business class passengers so those who only wish to view "suits n ties" are not subjected to witnessing leisure travellers? We have not encountered this "dress code" at any other international airport lounge.

Kerry Guerin, Mount Gambier, SA


We are regular users of rental cars in Australia from large companies and find them efficient, helpful and good value. We also visit Europe at least every 12-18 months to visit Swiss parents, close family and friends and always rent a car.

Last year we thought we would use Avis and decided to change the pick-up/drop-off points closer to Switzerland because we were travelling not long after terrorist attacks in Europe and were advised that because of this, our price more than doubled

Avis did not accept that the changes were due to security concerns but did permit us to cancel the car (we hadn't paid a deposit or given them a credit car for payment).

For maybe a hundred dollars more than Avis (over a six-week period) we got a new Citroen through Global Cars at the last minute.

Avis lost our business because they couldn't see reason and we learned our lesson. If someone gives you good service stick with them, even if the alternative is cheaper.

Ramona Quazzola, Burraneer, NSW

Good on you, for flying the flag for us not quite so young ladies fed up with being ripped off and patronised Woman after my own heart.

Elaine Rust, Dromana, VIC

Like many others, I have also endured the mismatch between a booked car and "guaranteed" price and that provided. Unlike the response detailed in the letter "Thunder down under" by Tracey Dillon (Traveller letters, February 11), I remain cheery (though upset inside), calm but firm in my resolve that they are wrong. Haven't been let down yet. I'd rather be viewed as a nice Australian than join the increasing number known as brash and arrogant.

Dr Bruce Moon, Tweed Heads West, NSW


In listing Myanmar as a top port for adventurers (Traveller, February 12), with balloon rides, bike rides and pagoda visits, you forgot to mention ringside seats to rapes, infanticides and general ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya minority.

Suu Kyi's international fan club must be hiding their heads in shame, as should Traveller for encouraging people to go there.

Denis Feely, Tyabb, VIC

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