Mayhem-free: the new schoolies hotspots

With Schoolies Week less than two months away, Jane Reddy counts down the options beyond the Gold Coast - from extreme adventures and fun in the sun to getaways with a good cause and holidays with heart.

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Orion cruise PNG

Dive into beauty

Putting boats and Papua New Guinea in the same sentence these days doesn't automatically evoke visions of luxury or expectations of wonder. But Orion Expedition's Melanesian cruise, from New Zealand via Norfolk Island, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands in March 2014 is a boat trip to PNG with plenty of appeal.

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Raja Ampat Palau

Fresh waters, new frontiers

Taken a cruise lately? Join the club - nearly 700,000 of us did one or more last year. So, where next beyond the obvious? Louise Goldsbury has the answers.

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