Expert opinion: How to make sure your travel insurance claim doesn't get rejected

What if I need to make a claim against my travel insurance, how can I make sure it isn't rejected? 

According to Bessie Hassan, money expert at, "more than one-third of Australians don't read through their travel insurance policy, with a high chance they'll void their cover without realising". "Travellers who get into trouble, for example, hiring a scooter without an Australian driver's licence, being intoxicated or travelling to a country with a government travel warning in place are some common scenarios. Pre-existing medical conditions or high-risk sports like sky-diving might be excluded from a policy, double check with your insurer if you require cover. Before seeking medical treatment, call the insurance provider's emergency line, keep all receipts and make sure valuables are locked up when you're out. Purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your trip so you're covered for any unforeseen circumstances that might lead to a cancellation."