What if: I want to visit Egypt but Smartraveller advises me to 'reconsider'

… according to Dennis Bunnik, managing director, Bunnik Tours: "Recent events in London, Manchester, Melbourne and Las Vegas show that tragedy can strike anywhere. All travel has some inherent risks, but so does staying home. The Smartraveller advice is broad because it is aimed at every type of traveller, yet the risk profile of a babyboomer on an organised tour is far different from that of a traveller doing their own thing. I wouldn't travel to Egypt with nothing arranged and just wing it when I arrive. However, I have no hesitation travelling to Egypt on an organised tour because I know how important tourism is to the Egyptian people and how much planning goes on behind the scenes. Our company has been running tours to Egypt for 12 years and just since the Arab spring have had over 3500 Australians travel there. Whilst some were nervous, all came back raving about their experience and saying how much they loved Egypt and its people." bunniktours.com.au/