WTF? We have to change our name?

The Wisconsin Tourism Federation in the US has decided to change its name after realising its acronym matched a crude form of internet slang.

The WTF is now the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW).

"WTF" is an acronym widely used on the internet standing for "What the f---?"

The tourism organisation was reportedly unaware of the associations of its acronym until it became the butt of jokes on blogs and websites.

Lead lobbyist for the federation, Chet Gerlach, said yesterday it made the change after the meaning of the common text-message lingo was brought to its attention.

The organisation has had the same name since it was founded in 1979, a time when it could never have predicted it would one day become crude internet slang.

Google is yet to catch up on the name change, with search results still displaying the problematic name.

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- with AP