Traveller and coronavirus: A note from the editor

Each day, if not every hour, brings fresh news about the coronavirus crisis. Travel, and the travel industry, are among its major casualties.

But the panic around the pandemic does not mean the end of travel. Far from it. Here at this title we know enough about Australian travellers by now to be certain they won't abandon their passion for travel and any curtailing of it will lead to a pent-up demand once concerns around the virus lessen.

A love of travel is an intrinsic aspect of the Australian character and outlook. Traveller - which is well aware that Australians plan much of their international travel many months or even a year or more in advance - is, like our readers, in travel for the long haul.

One of the main side-effects of the coronavirus is likely to be coronavirus fatigue. And at Traveller, we intend to continue providing a bright spot in your weekends, celebrating travel in all its forms, confident that current events are a challenging though not insurmountable aberration. For regular reports, updates and advice on travel-related coronavirus issues continue to visit