Chilled ... an aerial view of Whitsunday Island.

Master and commander

With his crew well briefed and the champagne chilled, Robert Upe heads to a 'secret' Whitsundays anchorage.

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Your questions

What would be the best-value destination for a week-long break at Easter?

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Seaside hideaway

Sheriden Rhodes soaks in the solitude at an exclusive Whitsundays resort.

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A volcanic plug in the Peak Range on the road between Clermont and Moranbah

Moranbah - Places to See

A large, modern mining town.
Located 191 km west of Mackay, 208 km north-east of Emerald, 1117 km from Brisbane via Emerald and 225 m above sea-level, Moranbah is a thriving, single purpose mining town with a population of nearly 8000 people.

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Near Mirani sugarcane forms a wall around the garden edges of a canegrower's house

Mirani - Places to See

Mirani (including Marian, Finch Hatton and Eungella)
Sleepy rural town surrounded by fields of sugar cane.
Although Mirani is a small and rather inconsequential sugar town it lies at the heart of the beautiful Pioneer Valley which is described, with some justification, as the 'Showcase of North Queensland'.

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The FantaSea catamaran at the Outer Reef


Whitsunday (including Cannonvale and the Whitsunday Islands)
Collection of popular and beautiful islands in the Great Barrier Reef.
Today the words Whitsunday and Whitsunday Islands encompass the large 'town' of Whitsunday (which includes the mainland settlements of Airlie Beach, Cannonvale and Shute Harbour) and the Whitsunday Islands which include 74 islands off the Central Queensland coast of which the most important are Daydream Island, Dent Island, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Hook Island, Lindeman Island, Long Island, and South Molle.

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