The Farmgate restaurant

Ireland: Gab meets gastro

A string of updated pub restaurants make great pit stops for Louise Goldsbury's family road trip.

  • Contains:
Beara Peninsula, Ireland.

My favourite island

It's not the stereotypical version of an island. There's no sun, for starters.

  • Contains:
Kilcullen's Seaweed Baths.

Where kelp is at hand

A century-old bathhouse is doing a roaring trade in affordable spa treatments, writes Nick Fisher.

  • Contains:
Emerald isle ... conversation in quiet pubs.

Rhymes and reason

On the border country's winding back roads, Tom Neal Tacker loses his way but finds poetry and echoes of 'old' Ireland.

  • Contains:
Ancestral search ... the famed green fields of the Irish countryside.

Eire apparent

With some help from the locals, Julietta Jameson goes in search of her great-great-great-grandparents in Ireland's beautiful County Kilkenny.

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